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A new halogen umbilical torch, Navigator


By introducing the Navigator, Gilan meets the demands for a diving lamp with a brightness control function. Under the cover of  “no, or immediately good” Navigator is equipped with full digital brains for the lamp. First of all, the Navigator has the possibility to control the brightness infinitely variable between 25% and 100%. Moreover, it is equipped with a SOS signalling function and an advanced depth discharge safety. Additionally, thanks to the digital technology, unwanted switching on is here impossible.

The built-in ‘service-module’ registers the user’s commands and in case of problems provides with simple and clear diagnosis. In comparison with the 275 umbilical torch, predecessor of the Navigator, more upgrades took place.

However, there is one detail, which stays the same: the price of the Navigator is not increased in comparison with the 275 umbilical. 





Gilan Pocket


Thanks to this lamp we, Gilan, are directed at the back-up market where in our opinion, besides plastic lamps, there are no other real alternatives. The Gilan Pocket can fill this gap. The burning time with a light intensity of 30W equals 1 hour. This with the use of 8 Duracell’s Plus MP3 batteries. By using normal AA batteries it is possible to obtain a power source all over the world. Of course rechargeable batteries can also be used. The Pocket is made from aluminium with a man made material lens.




Traveller Plus HID and Traveller umbilical torch.

The Traveller Plus sets a new norm. Never before there was a lamp which could be used as an umbilical torch as well as a hand light. What is more, all in one set!  By using this lamp as an umbilical torch you have for more than 3:00 hour light. When you use it as a hand light it will last for 90 minutes. Moreover, as a hand lights it can be used with regular batteries as well. By doing so you can create an extremely light travel lamp. The Traveller Plus is delivered with a rapid charger in a well-styled, full aluminium casing, specially designed for this lamp. The case has sufficient space for all parts of the set.

 Traveller HID umbilical

Further elaborating on the Traveller Plus you can also get the Traveller as an umbilical-only torch. However, it is not possible to use the lamp as a hand light later. The price however is even more affordable!





The 275 OS hand lights

The most affordable hand lights according to the rule: a lot of light and long lasting light. This was our starting-point for designing the 275 hand lights. They were a great success right from their introduction in early 2002.

The 275 OS is available in brushed silver and brushed black. It’s an ideal lamp for the no-nonsense diver.