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General data Navigator halogen umbilical torch

Light intensity using standard lamp/optional bulbs

Comparable with 30Watts halogen (through power surge). 40W and 50W optional

Colour temperature

3400 K

Brightness control

Infinitely variable from 25% to 100%

SOS signalling function

The interval duration varies from 20 to 40 seconds in order to obtain extreme lasting signal. The SOS signalling function turns off the depth discharge safety in order to prolong the signalling duration

Depth discharge safety

Down to 0,97V potential, with electronic re-switching blockage


5500 mAh

Burning time

1:45 hours continues at 100% and 30W


12 hours, alternatively 5,5 hour smart charger. See pricelist

Housing torch and canister

Corrosion protected aluminium and stainless steel


Hardened borosilicate

Depth limit

200 meter

Weight torch below surface

275 g

Weight complete set above/below surface

1900/925 g

Dimensions (length x diameter) torch

195 x 70 mm

Dimensions (length x diameter) canister

430 x 50 mm