Technical specifications  Traveller Plus (HID)



General data Traveller Plus

HID (High Intensity Discharge)

Power consumption 12,5W Light intensity comparable with 50 W Halogen

Colour Temperature

6000 K

Battery for use as a handhold

NiMH with 2300 mAh

Battery in the batterycanister

NiMH with 4000 mAh

Duration when used as a handhold

1,5 hour continues

Duration when using as an umbilical torch

3,0 hour continues


dV/dt signalling, pulse charging technology, trickle charge and discharge function, 110 – 240V input

Charging time small pack

<3,0 hour

Charging time canister pack

<6,5 hour


All parts high quality anodised aluminium or stainless steel only

Connection of canister to air cylinder

By use of a clip, simply, no tools needed

Weight of handhold 

640 g above surface and 300 g below

Weight complete set as umbilical

1550 g above surface and 650 g below

Min. Transportation weight ( handhold without batteries)

When using batteries sold abroad

Dimensions lighthead (length x diameter)

220 mm x 50 mm

Dimensions canister  (length x diameter)

430 mm x 40 mm


Hardend borosilicate

Depth limit

200 meter